Thursday 17 July 2014

A family of Common Terns were flying around the Serpentine. I saw two young ones and one parent, though the other may have been at the other end of the lake. One of the young birds was parked on a post near the bridge ...

... while the other was sitting in the water, clamouring for a fish ...

... which it got.

Seeing this, the one on the post came over and started chasing its parent for food. Common Terns are more usually seen on the Grand Union Canal, but come down to the park when the fish are of a suitable size.

The Little Owl family were also flying around and calling. The male was in his usual chestnut tree and the female, pictured here, was in the big lime near the leaf yard.

The two young owls were in the leaf yard, where they were invisible but could be heard calling.

One of the young Tawny Owls was in the same chestnut tree as yesterday.

The other two were out of sight.

The three Mallard ducklings in the Italian Garden have survived another night. This one tried to stand on a waterlily leaf but it was too heavy and the leaf sank. Here it is flapping its little wings trying not to fall over.

The Oxford ragwort on Buck Hill had plenty of insects in it again -- the flowers seem to be very attractive to many species. Here is another picture of a Small Skipper butterfly, this time with its winds open, and also an iridescent green Flower Beetle (Oedemera nobilis).

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