Monday 14 July 2014

The Mute Swans from the Long Water had taken their cygnets on to the Serpentine again in their battle to control the whole territory. But the nearest swans on the Serpentine were some way down the lake, too far to fight, at least yet. The female worked off her aggression by chasing Canada Geese. Some flew away, others hastily went ashore as the furious bird bore down on them.

The Moorhens in the Italian Garden now have five chicks.

And the Coots in the same pond are still hanging on to their five, which were busily climbing around in the waterlilies -- or at least, those waterlilies that their parents have not demolished to make a pointless second nest under the fountain.

The male Little Owl was in a large lime tree near the leaf yard.

His mate was in a chestnut tree next to their nest tree. They called each other, and after a while the male flew over to her. They were only faintly visible here -- you could just see bits of spotted feathers between the leaves.

Two Tawny owlets were only slightly more visible in the chestnut tree they have been using in the past few days. But it is remarkable being able to see them at all in mid-July.

A Long-Tailed Tit was sunbathing in the leaf yard.

On the east side of the Long Water, a patch of thistles had attracted some bees, and also some small yellowish insects with blue eyes and rather long grasshopper-like legs. I have no idea what it is, or even what family it belongs to.

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