Sunday 6 July 2014

The Grey Wagtails nesting under the bridge in the Dell have successfully raised at least one youngster. Here it is on one of the floating rafts of reeds at the east end of the Serpentine.

It is running sure-footedly along a a smooth piece of plastic tube that was put on top of the wire mesh.

There is another Great Crested Grebes' nest with eggs in it, on the far side of the Long Water from Peter Pan. They can't actually be seen in this picture, but the grebe on the left was carefully turning them over to make sure that they are kept evenly warm.

The young rowan trees near the south side of the leaf yard have attracted some Blackbirds.

A slightly better picture of a Blackbird eating a fallen plum under the tree near the Triangle car park. It is impossible to catch it actually pecking the fruit because the dark conditions require a long exposure.

This Robin in the leaf yard was chitting angrily because there was a family of Great Tits rushing around in its tree.

The Tawny owlets were in the same tree as yesterday, a chestnut near the southwest corner of the leaf yard. They were rather difficult to see through the leaves.

And the Little Owl was in his usual place in his chestnut tree.

I had a look around for owlets, but didn't find any.


  1. Hi Ralph,
    Thank you for showing my parents and I the Tawny Owlets!
    I got a photo of the young Reed Warblers in the reed bed near the Diana memorial. Here is a link to my blog...
    Robert Chapman

    1. Splendid to get two young Reed Warblers into the same picture.