Sunday, 15 June 2014

Yes, the Grey Herons really are catching rabbits under the Henry Moore sculpture. These gruesomely brilliant pictures were captured by Takaki Nemoto.

Obviously the rabbit was too large for the heron to swallow. The ravenous bird took its victim away and no one knows what happened in the end.

The male Mute Swan from the Long Water was also in a bloody mood. He had brought his family under the bridge and occupied the narrow path skirting the Serpentine. Several people took to the shrubbery rather than walk past this huge, angry bird. There was a dog show a few yards along the shore, and every time anyone tried to get by with a dog it was a case of ¡No pasarán!

This owner managed to get her labrador through by taking it at a run.

The day started grey and dark, and the male Little Owl spent the morning inside his tree. But when it lightened up a bit in the afternoon he came out to his usual branch.

On the west side of the Long Water, two Greenfinches were protesting loudly at a Magpie.

They have been here, and the male has been singing, for some time and I think they must be nesting.

The Nuthatch nesting just across the path west of the leaf yard was singing loudly in his tree. He came down to take some pine nuts from the railings.

The young Great Tits are still chasing their parents through the bushes begging to be fed. But today some of them realised that they could cut out the middleman by coming straight down to my hand and collecting their own food.

They are quite fearless, and also made a perfect landing first time, something that some other birds struggle with on the unfamiliar surface of a human hand.

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