Sunday, 22 June 2014

The female Tawny Owl appeared again today, after several days' absence. She was in a plane tree on the path from the Physical Energy statue to the Speke obelisk, one of the trees surrounded by a patch of leafmould.

However, no one could find the owlets, and the Little Owl was also absent from his usual place.

A Jay in this area is now coming to people's hand to be fed. You hold up a peanut and the Jay wrenches it from your fingers in mid-swoop, a slightly alarming sensation.

This young Magpie near the bridge still has blue eyes. Rather as with human babies, their eyes change colour as they grow up.

The Mute Swans from the Long Water have reclaimed their bridgehead on the Serpentine, and were blocking the path and biting passers-by in their usual aggressive style.

A dog had to be carried through at head height to avoid an ugly scene.

The Great Crested Grebes' nest near the Italian Garden seems to be a going concern, though as far as I could see when the nesting bird (the male at this time) got up, there aren't any eggs yet.

It is still too early to see whether this is just a passing fancy or a serious attempt at nesting.

Another grebe was fishing among the dense mat of algae on the edge of the Serpentine.

The three broods of Canada Geese are now completely together, with all six parents looking after them. The eldest goslings, now almost adult at first glance, are at the right side of the picture.

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