Monday, 16 June 2014

The Little Owls in the chestnut tree have two owlets, now more than half grown and flying around. But they wouldn't get into a photographable position, so you will have to wait for a picture. Meanwhile here is the male adult, who was cross and restless because his family were being annoyed by Carrion Crows.

The three Tawny owlets have also shown up again, in a sweet chestnut tree close to the southwest corner of the leaf yard. They were only partly visible, and only from one angle, but it is good to know that they are still around.

Thanks to Paul Turner for finding both sets this morning.

There is another family of Greylag Geese on the Serpentine, the third this year, this time with three goslings.

And the Mistle Thrushes near the Serpentine Gallery have at least one fledgeling, seen here on a plane tree calling for food.

While I was looking for the Little Owl, the Buzzard came over again at an even greater altitude than last time, but still a Carrion Crow made the long climb and started harrying it.

There are more Gadwalls than usual on the lake, probably eight in all. This drake was chasing a Tufted Duck near Peter Pan.

A Dunnock was perched on a bare branch near the northwest corner of the bridge, fluffed up and preening itself. Because it was busy it allowed me to take some photographs, instead of fleeing into the undergrowth as usual.

Update: a visit to the Little Owls' tree at dusk didn't find them. But the Tawny owlets were very boisterous, flying from tree to tree and calling loudly. Here is a dim picture of two of them taken in the last of the light, on the edge of the leaf yard.

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