Saturday, 14 June 2014

The young Great Black-Backed Gull was back on the Long Water, perched on a post just offshore from Peter Pan, the nearest I have been to this enormous bird. It looked at us severely.

The male Little Owl was looking very fine in a particularly visible place on his chestnut tree, and his expression was even more severe.

The leaf yard was full of young birds, including this Chaffinch.

The young Great Tits were calling loudly for food.

Today's Magpie toy was an oak twig with a few dry leaves on it, which made an amusing rustling sound that kept the young bird happy for several minutes.

A pair of Great Crested Grebes were busily fishing side by side near the Serpentine island.

It was hard to see what they were catching, as they swallowed it immediately. But this one seems to have a very small fish, which has come up with a strand of weed and a bit of cardboard, which the grebe had to shake off before eating the fish.

The young fish visible from the edge at Peter Pan are barely an inch long and almost invisible.This one is slightly larger, and its size suggests that the grebes will feel they have enough to feed their young, and will start nesting soon.

This male Blue-Tailed Damselfly was spreading his wings to take off, revealing that his bamboo-jointed abdomen, which looks black in most lights, is actually an iridescent bronze.

The two pairs of wings fold so perfectly together they seem to merge into one. These wonderfully detailed little insects put jewellers to shame.

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