Friday, 13 June 2014

Another Greylag gosling has appeared -- just one again.

The family were with the family of the older Greylag gosling, but the two were keeping their distance, and when the smaller gosling wandered into the other family it was chased away. Greylags don't have the amicable childminding arrangements of Canadas.

Here are the two elder broods of Canadas going along the lake together; the third family, with just one very new gosling, were following but the baby was having difficulty keeping up. The three elder goslings, in the foreground at the right, are already getting adult plumage.

The Magpie family I photographed yesterday were out under the Henry Moore sculpture, amusing themselves by annoying the rabbits. This one strolled up behind a rabbit and pecked its tail.

The base of the sculpture is stained yellow because of the unwise choice of yellow sand to put at is base. The rain has splashed its yellow iron pigment all over the absorbent travertine marble.

A Moorhen chick was wandering around the water lilies in the Italian Garden pond, gingerly extending its enormous feet to step on to a new leaf.

The Little Owl was on his usual branch, not doing much but always a cheering sight.

The Great Crested Grebes are benefiting from the patches of water weed, which provide an illusion of shelter for small fish, but actually cluster them together for the grebes to catch.

The lake is rather clear at the moment, making it easy to see birds swimming under water.

This dragonfly seen on the west side of the Vista is, I think, a female Black Darter, Sympetrum danae.

Males have more black and less yellow.


  1. I came across a dead crow this evening on a grass path behind the Queen Caroline lookout, apparently the victim of a fracas – there were a few crow feathers scattered around but no sign of predation. I mention it because I imagine beaten-up crows are rather rare and this place is relatively close to the Little Owl’s nest, where you observed a crow taking one of the owlets and showing interest in the others. I wonder?

    1. Sorry to hear about the dead crow. Yes, it was probably one of the family whose territory extends both sides of the Vista, and one of whom attacked the owlet.