Tuesday 1 May 2012

Who would have thought that the Tawny Owl family would still be visible in May? Four owlets were clearly showing in one of the four usual horse chestnut trees, and one of their parents could also be seen, though it was impossible to tell which one as only a corner of owl was showing. Here are three of the owlets, now beginning to look quite grown-up.

The male Little Owl also put in an appearance, flying from his usual daytime tree to the next sweet chestnut to the west, where he has found a new hole to sit in.

The Pied Flycatcher was again flying over the north end of the Long Water. It seems that her station is on a tree on the east side of the lake no more than 50 yards from the Italian Garden. I looked for this from the opposite side of the water, but couln't find it.

The young Grey Herons were taking it in turns to stand on the brink of their nest and flap their huge wings vigorously but, in the words of the hymn, they linger trembling on the brink and fear to launch away. They will go at any moment now, I think.

Their parents, disturbed by these exercises, perched in a nearby tree.

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