Friday 11 May 2012

One of the young Grey Herons had come ashore from the Serpentine island, and was wandering vaguely around, completely unafraid of the passing humans.

 Most of the Swifts have moved on, though there were still some flying high. The House Martins have stayed, and today a dozen of them were flying around their embassy nesting site. They were showing more interest in the Kuwaiti embassy than the French one, as this building retains a few nests from last year, whereas if they wanted to nest in the French one they would have to rebuild from scratch. However, the French embassy is a better site, as its west-facing facade retains the warmth of the setting sun.

A young Starling momentarily stuck its head out its nest hole in the Tawny Owls' nest tree, and I was able to grab a hasty picture. The owls were hidden in the leaves, though Paul had been able to see one adult earlier.

The Mute Swans who nested on the Long Water and lost their eggs to a fox seem to be starting again. Both of them were cruising around aggressively, wings raised in their threat posture, bullying harmless geese. Here a Greylag is getting the treatment.

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