Monday 21 May 2012

The Mute Swans nesting near the outflow of the Serpentine have at least two cygnets, with more probably still to hatch.

They are not in such a good place for viewing as the family near the Lido -- whose seven cygnets were all present while they begged for food at the restaurant. I have heard that a third nest on the Serpentine island has hatched, but couldn't see anything myself.

The Egyptian Geese have also kept their brood of eight intact.

Several of the Coots' nests are also hatching, which has made these aggressive birds more furious than usual.

I saw one chasing off a pair of Red-Crested Pochards that had ventured too close, and they are also attacking Moorhens. One pair of Coots is building in the Italian Garden, on a clump of the newly planted yellow irises which it has pecked to bits to make the nest. If they persist, there will be a fine view of developments.

And the first young Robins are out of their nests and going about with their parents. Their fronts are still brown and slightly speckled.

Update: Forgot to mention four Greylag goslings seen near the small boathouses.

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