Friday 25 May 2012

Not much to be seen today, as a lot of the birds were sheltering from the hot sun. Even some of the Mute Swans had retired into the shrubbery on the island. However, the family with seven cygnets from the Lido were begging for food on the edge of the lake, just 20 yards from the Egyptian Geese with their eight. The parents were eyeing each other aggressively, but both families were being fed by several people and they decided that it was too hot for hostilities.

Do birds get too hot? Honestly I don't know. In cooler weather when the sun is out, you can see them sunbathing in oddly abandoned attitudes, like this Robin

or this Starling.

The full-size original of the Starling picture is here, and you might like to view the central part at full size to see the wonderful iridescence of its feathers.

When birds are bathing, it often looks as if they are trying to cool down, like these Starlings,

but probably they are just trying to relieve themselves of parasites. Here is another of Andrew's splendid photographs, showing a Mandarin giving a master class in splashing.

The female Tawny Owl was still visible at the top of the nest tree, well shaded by the leaves.

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