Wednesday 30 May 2012

There were four Mandarin ducklings on the Long Water, under a bush near the Peter Pan statue. Their mother was sensibly keeping them well hidden from marauding gulls.

The careless Egyptian Geese still have their one survivor, and had somehow got it on to the tern raft -- the wire netting around the edge must be broken.

The eaves of the bandstand on Buck Hill had been boarded up to stop Starlings from nesting there. But the ingenious birds have found a way around the edges of the boards, and there were at least three nests. It is always pleasing to see the works of man defeated by nature.

There were plenty of young Great and Blue Tits chasing their parents around the bushes crying for food. Here a young Blue Tit perches on a twig waiting to be served.

There was also a young Grey Wagtail out on the edge of the Serpentine -- the young one, with a whitish front rather than a yellow one, is at the top of the picture, and the adult is below.

A lot of noise from nesting Ring-Necked Parakeets in the plane trees near the owl tree, and they could be seen going in and out of their nest holes. There was also a tiny fight between two Wrens on the path to the east of Italian Garden. Probably a male had dared to intrude on the territory of the local nesting male, always a temptation, as male Wrens are polygamous and can't watch all their mates all the time.

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  1. I do so hope that the Mandarin ducklings survive. That would be such a great achievement with so many of the beastly big gulls around.