Saturday 13 August 2022

Looking for shade

A Carrion Crow found the scanty shade of a small sapling.

A Great Tit in the Flower Walk kept in the shadows in a bush.

So did a Robin parent tattered by feeding a brood.

Nick Abalov sent this pleasing picture of a young Robin in Regent's Park.

The park has its own water supply in a naturally filled reservoir under the Parade Ground, and watering can continue despite drought restrictions elsewhere. A Feral Pigeon took advantage of a puddle left from watering the border in the Flower Walk.

The Wood Pigeon here seems to have survived its lethal diet of toxic lords and ladies berries.

Another was more sensibly eating a busy Lizzie.

The female Little Owl near the Round Pond had found a remaining clump of leaves to shade her in the horse chestnut tree.

The female Peregrine was dozing on the barracks. The pair always perch on the north side, which is in shade for most of the day.

A Moorhen chick on the branch of a fallen willow was groomed by a parent, which also provided a snack of fleas and lice.

A normal pair of Coots would have thrown out their fully grown offspring long ago, but the family on the nest by the bridge are still together and still using their nest as a base.

Nick Abalov filmed two Coots in Regent's Park fighting.

The Mute Swan family from the gravel bank in the Long Water are now almost always at the Triangle car park, where they know people will give them unhealthy things to eat.

A Blue-Tailed Damselfly was laying eggs on a leaf in the Italian Garden fountains.

Females come in at least five different colours one of which is the same blue as the male, and I'd have thought this one was male if it hadn't been laying eggs.

Above it, a Honeybee browsed on a Great Willowherb flower.

A Greenbottle fly perched on a stonecrop.


  1. Am seeing juvenile robins all over London at the moment - quite a year for them, it must be said :)

    1. Several of our pairs of Robins seem to had two broods, contributing to the abundance.