Sunday 7 August 2022

Cetti's Warbler

Neil scored a photographic coup in getting a good picture of a young Cetti's Warbler on the east side of the Long Water.

These shy and elusive birds are notoriously hard to photograph, even in places like Rainham Marshes where there are a lot of them. There are very few in the park.

Another picture by Neil, of a male Chaffinch near the Serpentine Gallery prettily lit by sunlight reflecting up from the dry yellow grass.

My picture of a Great Tit in the Flower Walk taking a piece of cheese from Neil's hand.

A Feral Pigeon sunbathed under the Henry Moore sculpture.

Stock Doves perched in a treetop.

Wood Pigeons gorged on elderberries.

The Little Owls are becoming harder to see and any picture I get now may be the last one this year. The leaves are falling from their chestnut and horse chestnut trees and they will be moving to leafier trees where they are hard to find. Also the young owls will soon be kicked out to fend for themselves. Today, on a second visit to the family at the Round Pond, I was lucky enough to find one of the owlets in a hole that they sometimes use. It was dozing but sleepily opened one yellow eye when it heard me rustling through the dead leaves below.

The female Peregrine on the tower was also dozing.

A Cormorant preened at Peter Pan, looking very shiny in the sunlight.

On the far side of the lake all was serene on the Great Crested Grebes' nest.

A Grey Heron climbed into the Mute Swans' nesting island, to the disgust of the male swan who was having a rest with one of the cygnets.

Meanwhile the female swan pushed the Coots off their nest under the fountain.

Greylag Geese fed in the shade of the trees. There is still some nourishment to be had from the parched grass.

The algae clogging the fountain pools in the Italian Garden at least provide food for the carp.

A pair of Red-Eyed Damselflies mated on a mat of algae. While the male gripped the female she was laying eggs.

A rival male buzzed the couple.


  1. We have been so spoiled for owls, we are going to miss them so much.

    Congratulations to Neil! That was quite the coupe du succès.

    1. Also good to know that they are breeding again.