Monday 29 August 2022

Jackdaw in a bad temper

A Jackdaw protested loudly about a Magpie in the same tree beside the Long Water.

A Carrion Crow ate a croissant at the Dell restaurant ...

... and washed it down with a drink at the nearby pool ...

... which was also visited by a rat.

A Starling preferred a chip ...

... and a bathe.

Customers waited in the Flower Walk for their handout of pine nuts.

A Long-Tailed Tit searched for insects in lichen growing on a dead hawthorn.

An escaped Budgerigar perched in a tree beside the Serpentine. People often take a pet bird to the park so it can have a fly around, foolishly supposing that the bird will come back to them. It seldom does.

I didn't see the Little Owl despite three visits to the Round Pond. Rose-Ringed Parakeets peered into the dead tree through a hole.

One of the latest young Grey Herons at the island looked out of a tree, again nowhere near their nest.

There are two broods of Moorhens here -- two half grown chicks ...

... and three much younger ones.

A Great Crested Grebe was fishing near the Lido.

On Sundays and holidays rollerbladers gather in the park to show off their skills with accompanying music. Egyptian Geese honked along to the beat.

The Round Pond is a popular place for flying kites. Some enterprising people added a balloon advertising a festival of South African Amapiano music -- or perhaps several festivals since ama- is an isiZulu prefix denoting the plural.


  1. Noticed, yesterday afternoon, that the dominant swan from the Long Water, having evicted his rival, had extended his territory under the bridge and a hundered meters or so into the Serpentine.

    1. I think the rival is the swan who dominated the west end of the Serpentine but until this year never managed to find a workable nest site.