Friday, 5 August 2022


A Kingfisher appeared on the Long Water. We seldom see them in the park, and this is the first sighting since January 2021.

A young Blackbird ate a windfall plum near Peter Pan.

A Blue Tit ...

... and a young Great Tit hopped around in the shade of a yew tree in the leaf yard.

Long-Tailed Tits hunted in a holly tree beside the Long Water.

A Jay and a Magpie uneasily shared a branch.

Two Rose-Ringed Parakeets ate an apple on the railings.

A Starling scavenged a bit of a chip at the Dell restaurant.

Both Peregrines could be seen on the tower at different times. This is the male.

One of the Little owlets at the Serpentine Gallery came out on a branch. They have grown up a lot since they were last seen.

An owlet at the Round Pond perched in their usual horse chestnut tree, which has a convenient hole for them to shelter in.

A Grey Heron stood on a fallen tree near Peter Pan.

A single Black-Headed Gull interrupted a line of Cormorants on the posts.

On the far side, the Great Crested Grebe sat on the nest.

The youngest two Egyptian goslings reclined beside a boathouse.

There were several female Emperor dragonflies in and below the Italian Garden, laying eggs on various bits of floating debris.


  1. Well done on the Kingfisher- always a good bird to see. I glimpsed one on Monday as it flew over me at Kew, but my view not as good as yours as I only identified it by silhouette.

    Good to see so many Emperors egg laying. I was surprised to see none on the lakes at Syon Park yesterday which were surprisingly poor for Odonata. The only thing in abundance were Blue-tailed Damseflies by the emergent vegetation.

    1. Our Blue-Tailed Damselflies seem to be over, and so are the Red-Eyed and Small Red-Eyed. I'm only seeing Common Blues here now. Hope to see Willow Emeralds in due course.

  2. Not sure why I put Syon Park? I meant Osterley Park.

  3. I've seen quite a few Willow Emeralds recently. Popped into Camley Street NR, Kings Cross last week & one of these was the only species by a shady pond.

    Blue-tailed was the only common species when I was in Osterley Park.

    1. Was looking for Willow Emeralds today -- they have a strange liking for the spikes on the iron railings on the east side of the Long Water -- but no luck so far. Just Red-Eyed (not Small) and a few Common Blues. Noticed that Red-Eyed are very fast flyers, zapping around like little dragonflies, while other damselfly species tend to loiter.

  4. We only get kingfishers in parks in winter here (although in the northern parks they can be seen in summertime as well). Lucky sight!


    1. All my previous sightings of Kingfishers in the park have been in January.