Saturday 28 August 2021

A Wren hopped around in the brambles scolding the female Little Owl in the next tree.

The local Mistle Thrush added its voice to the protest.

The owl soon flew up to the edge of the Bayswater Road to get a bit of peace.

The female Peregrine was on the barracks tower.

A Magpie enjoyed swinging on the weathervane of the Lido restaurant.

A Carrion Crow followed the gaze of the rider on the Physical Energy statue. (I think he is giving Princess Louise's statue of her mother Queen Victoria a disapproving stare.)

Three more arranged themselves tastefully on a branch.

A Grey Heron posed like a Giacometti statue.

A young Herring Gull dived into the lake to find a fish or a toy.

Another tried to balance on a plastic buoy at the Lido.

They always end up being tipped off.

One of the two Great Crested Grebe chicks from the west end of the island gave its parent a hard time.

The older one from the far end of the island is now diving cooperatively with its parents, learning the art of fishing.

One of the Moorhen chicks at the bridge stood on a half submerged branch.

The blond male Egyptian Goose on the Serpentine was with his mate, whom he seems to have forgiven for her flirtation with another gander.

The little flock of Red-Crested Pochards near the Italian Garden cruised around and preened their subtly coloured winter plumage.


  1. Poor Grebe parent; it ought to be equipped with a version of the 'mute' feature many human parents are forced to develop!

    I wouldn't put it past those Crows to have solid notions of Japanese art. They do look as if they are arranging themselves like characters in a Japanese painting.

    1. There is a certain amount of cheating in the crow picture. I waited until they happened to be arranged in a way that looked like a Japanese painting before pressing the shutter, repeated that several times, and then selected the most suitable picture.