Wednesday 25 August 2021

A quick walk round the park before going to Richmond. Today it was the turn of the female Little Owl to be in the nest tree.

A Yellow Wagtail appeared unexpectedly on the busy path by the Diana fountain. This is the first one I've seen in the park. though it's on the list of all-time sightings.

A Cormorant at the island found itself on a chain leading up to a post occupied by another Cormorant, and had to get off and find somewhere else to dry its wings.

A young Herring Gull dived repeatedly into the Serpentine.

A Great Crested Grebe chick reached out for a fish.

A Speckled Wood butterfly rested in the grass.

At Richmond we had hoped to see the Tawny Owl but were out of luck. Tom thinks it was frightened away by photographers getting too near the tree. But we had the consolation prize of a Little Owl beautifully camouflaged against a dead tree.

A male Kestrel perched on a hawthorn. After our cautious approach he was quite calm about cameras being pointed at him.

In the bracken there were several young Stonechats ...

... and a young Reed Bunting.

Buzzards circled high overhead. At one time there were four of them.

There was a Mallard family on Pen Ponds ...

... and a Canada x Greylag hybrid goose which looked remarkably like one sometimes seen in Hyde Park. But I've checked my pictures and it isn't the same bird. Possibly a sibling.

Three Willow damselflies on trees by Pen Ponds. The second shot shows the first one eating an aphid.

Here is a close-up of the same insect.

This isn't a great picture of a Brown Hawker dragonfly.

As I was climbing down a bank to get a closer shot it took off and landed on my nose. Sadly even Tom's quick reflexes weren't enough to get a picture.

Julia got a remarkable photograph of a Hummingbird Hawk Moth in Notting Hill, a most unusual sight in central London.


  1. Check your wagtail, it looks more like a yellow wagtail than a young grey. Might be on passage heading south??

  2. Thanks. Yes, you're right. Most unexpected, and the first one I've ever seen in the park, though it's on the list of all-time sightings.

  3. Congrats on the Yellow Wagtail-always a great bird to see. Haven't seen one since the spring when I had several at Ruislip Lido.

    Quite a lot of good birds were reported yesterday in Richmond Park including Cuckoo, Whinchat, Grasshopper Warbler & Redstart. Nice shots of the juvenile Stonechats- I saw a couple of these there last Friday. My biggest surprise was finding a Greenshank flying around.

    Good to record the Willow Emeralds there. I've seen my biggest number at the pond near White Ash Lodge.

    1. Yes, I saw that list from Richmond on the London Bird Wiki and was envious. Tom went off with a friend to find the juvenile Cuckoo and stayed late, but didn't find it.

      Considering that those three Willow Emeralds were within ten feet of each other, there must have been hundreds in the trees around Pen Ponds.

  4. Good blog as always, isn't it a bit late for cuckoos?

    1. Yes, very. But if it's an isolated juvenile it doesn't know where to go. By the way, please always comment on the latest post. Yet another feature in Blogger has broken which makes it very hard to find comments on older posts.