Saturday 27 February 2021

There was the first reasonably clear sight of the Grey Heron chick. A parent stood over it protectively.

Great Crested Grebes don't only eat fish. Any small aquatic creature is welcome. This grebe was probably looking for snails on the reed stems.

Another Coot nest is going up in the reeds on the east side of the Long Water. This is quite a good place as long as the Coots leave some reed stems standing to deter gulls from swooping on the nest.

Canada Geese bickered over possession of the Mute Swans' nesting island. Probably a pair will try to nest here, but will get chased off by the swans as soon as they need the site.

There was enough of a breeze to tempt swans to fly down the Serpentine.

Red-Crested Pochards arrive at random from the other London parks. Today there were ten on the Long Water -- nine at the Vista including the usual Gang of Five, and the familiar drake who has a Mallard mate and is here all the time, and who appears in the last scene.

A Magpie sunbathed in the Rose Garden ..,

... and a Dunnock sang quietly in a bush.

The Long-Tailed Tits were busy making their nest in the euonymus bush.

A Robin sang in a tree in the Dell.

A Rose-Ringed Parakeet ate blossom beside the Serpentine.

A mild sunny Saturday brought plenty of visitors to the Lido restaurant, and Starlings waited around the terrace for their chance to grab some scraps.

Neil found a Redwing eating a worm near the leaf yard. There was a small flock in the area a month ago, so there may be more.

The first sight of a Peacock butterfly this year in the Rose Garden.

On the same bush there was also a Tapered Dronefly, Eristalis pertinax.


  1. The gang of Red-crested Pochard certainly give some glamour to the park. Lovely shot of the sunbathing Magpie.

    I had a Brimstone in the garden on Friday but haven't seen a Peacock yet. Good to see a few more insects on the wing. Haven't seen many hoverflies yet so you did well with the dronefly.

    1. Oddly, I haven't found a Honeybee yet, although the Rose Garden with year-round flowers is a perfect place for them. There are hives in the Ranger's Lodge garden now, so I must look around the edge and see if some have flown over the fence.

    2. I've had a few Honey Bees in the garden & the other day saw quite a few on a large flowering Cherry Plum.

    3. Hoping to see some soon, though we seem to be having a final attack of winter.

  2. My, but the Heron chick gets bigger day by day! It grows daily almost visibly!

    1. It has a plentiful all-protein diet helping it to shoot up.