Wednesday 3 February 2021

A Mistle Thrush sang from the top of a tall tree near Queen's Gate.

The Song Thrush in the leaf yard was also singing, unfortunately against the noise of the generator which seems to run permanently and ruins any video shot within half a mile of it.

The same with a Robin singing beautifully on the other side of the Long Water. Maybe they'll shut the damned machine down at the weekend.

Neil got a good shot of his favourite Coal Tit in a variegated holly bush near the Albert Memorial.

Only a single Long-Tailed Tit visited the Dell briefly ...

... because Starlings were hogging the feeder.

There was a prettily marked Feral Pigeon at the Lido.

Both the Peregrines were on the tower, as usual an antisocial distance apart.

Only one Grey Heron was in a nest on the island, the one at the far east end.

Two Cormorants were searching for fish inside the semicircular wall of the old water filter at the edge of the Italian Garden. One of them stared crossly at a couple of Canada Geese that were in its way.

They didn't catch anything, as they have already pretty much fished out this area, and they annoyed a Grey Heron which was fishing quietly in its different style.

The Heron went away. No chance of getting anything with those two splashing about.

The pair of Egyptian Geese that live around the Henry Moore sculpture were bothered by an intruding Egyptian. Their display from the top of the sculpture had no effect, so they came down and confronted it through the railings.

A Pochard was diving around the wire baskets under the bridge. There are probably small snails on the wire mesh, which all the waterfowl like.

On the other side of the Albert Hall from the Albert Memorial there's another Albert memorial, commemorating his role in setting up the Great Exhibition of 1851. Albert, dressed rather oddly in Elizabethan style, stands on a pink granite column.

Like the better known memorial, it's surrounded by figures representing the four economically important continents -- aptly enough, as it was the world's first international exhibition. Here is Miss Africa.


  1. Gosh, they make such a racket. Why do they have to make a racket to do any little thing?

    You get the prettiest pigeons in the park. It's amazing how many handsome individuals there are.

    1. There are pigeon colour charts online, though I haven't been able to find a clear and comprehensive one. Apparently this pigeon is Blue Grizzle.