Wednesday 17 February 2021

Good news -- I hadn't heard any sound from the Grey Heron chick in the nest on the island for several days, and feared that it had been taken by a Carrion Crow. But today it could be heard clacking its bill in the nest, louder than before as it has grown.

Two nests on the south side of the island were occupied.

Both a Black-Headed Gull and a Common Gull were doing the worm dance in the Diana fountain enclosure.

Yesterday I was wondering whether the pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull had got a new mate. But comparing today's picture of her ...

... with one taken last year ...

... shows that it is the same bird, with a distinctive double dark mark on her bill. Her legs have faded a lot since last year, possibly because she hasn't been with her mate sharing his rich diet of fresh meat.

A group of Cormorants fishing at Peter Pan were buzzed by Black-Headed Gulls. It's not clear what caused this confrontation.

Three Cormorants in breeding plumage lines up on the posts.

The Coot trying to nest on the boat platform deserted the place during the cold weather but is now back, as full of futile hope as ever.

The Black Swan was at the small landing stage by the Diana fountain, in an aggressive attitude because there were Mute Swans nearby.

Shifting allegiance in the odd duck trio in the Italian Garden: the female Mallard, who had been spending most of her time with the new Mallard drake, now seems to prefer the Red-Crested Pochard again.

Long-Tailed Tits gathered in the bushes to take mealworms from the feeder in the Dell.

They seem particularly fond of these dry little husks.

A Blue Tit sang in a treetop near the Rose Garden.

The Robin that I photographed on Sunday singing at Queen Alexandra's House crossed the road to Holy Trinity Church to look for worms in a flower pot.

A close-up of a white Feral Pigeon at Peter Pan.


  1. I may have said this before, but you have the best pigeons in the park. There are really beautiful birds in there.

    Look at the teeny tiny little beak closing around the husk! Great picture!

    Excellent news about the Heron chick. It is a good augury.

    1. It's easy to overlook Feral Pigeons because they are so common, but they can be very beautiful. This one has strangely dark eyes, giving it an unfathomable gaze.

      Keeping my fingers crossed for the Grey Heron chick.

  2. Good news about the Heron chick! Let's hope it prospers.

    The Cormorants are such handsome birds in their breeding finery.

    1. Hoping to see a little head poking out of the nest soon.