Wednesday 10 February 2021

A Grey Heron on the Long Water used the remains of the fallen horse chestnut tree as a fishing platform.

This is the nest on the island where I suspected last month that a heron was sitting on eggs, but it's a deep nest and you can't see anything when the bird is sitting. Today I thought I could hear the clicking sound of a newly hatched chick clapping its bill, which is a chick's way of begging to be fed. Listen carefully between the bits of background noise. What do you think?

The heron sitting in the nest at the west end of the island sat up, allowing a better picture than my previous attempts.

In the water below, two rival Mute Swans tried to dominate each other, circling menacingly. Usually this display avoids having to fight.

Eventually one gave up and went away. The victor rested with his mate on the island.

The Black Swan has got bored with the Round Pond and returned to face the hurly-burly of a swan's life on the Serpentine. It was stalking a teenager.

The three teenage swans on the Long Water were at Peter Pan with their father. They're in for a shock soon, because when he and his mate start nesting last year's brood will be chased out.

A pair of Gadwalls preened at the outflow of the Serpentine, showing off the drake's finely vermiculated plumage.

A Moorhen had a freezing cold shower under a fountain in the Italian Garden.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull eyed some pigeons hungrily. But even the one nearest to him is safe, because it can take off faster than he can run at it. It's only when a pigeon relaxes its vigilance that he succeeds.

Chaffinches hopped around under their usual holly tree near the bridge.

While I was waiting for a Long-Tailed Tit to come to the mealworm feeder in the Dell, the place was visited by a Blackbird ...

... a Starling ...

... and a Blue Tit too far away for a good picture.

Eventually a Long-Tailed Tit did turn up and gave the camera a challenging stare.


  1. I sure hope it wasn't as cold today as it was yesterday.
    I think I can hear a faint clicking sound - not sure if it comes from something in the nest or it is some other natural sound.

    1. I can't think what else that clicking sound could have been. Naturally I shall be keeping a close watch on things.