Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Despite constant drizzle, a Song Thrush sang from a treetop in the Flower Walk. You can also hear a Robin ...

...which was perched on a fence below.

The thrush flew down on to the grass beside the path ...

... and started digging for worms. Wet days are good for finding them.

A Chaffinch at the bridge came out when I was feeding the small birds, but stayed shyly in the background. We're working on it.

A Blue Tit had no inhibitions about coming down.

But for an absolute storm of feeding birds, you have to hand it to Mark Williams, who shot this video in St James's Park.

The Grey Herons on the island had temporarily lost interest in their nests, and were standing in a row on the shore, just far enough apart to avoid fights breaking out.

Two Cormorants arrived to fish in the Italian Garden, found nothing, and soon flew away.

The resident Red-Crested Pochard added a bit of colour to a grey day.

One of the dark Mallard drakes rested beside his mate at the Lido ...

... while the two dark brothers, who never seem to show any interest in females, hung out together a few feet away.

The grassy bank at the back of the Lido has attracted more Mute Swans, and there were groups of them all along it.

A quick visit to the Round Pond to check on the Black Swan, who was cruising across the windswept water followed by a Gadwall drake.


  1. It's raining birds, hallellujah!

    How great to hear the Thrush sing. Blackbirds have been singing for real here for the past week, so all is well.

    I wonder why swans are so chummy with each other on land and yet won't tolerate one another in the water.

    1. I have seen swans chasing each other on land, but they are so clumsy on their feet that it's not much of a chase. And I think their clumsiness in the limiting factor here.

    2. I'd like to see that. I bet it's quite the comical sight.