Wednesday 1 January 2020

A dull misty day. Three Carrion Crows enjoyed a bathe in the Serpentine, while a pair of Egyptian Geese in the foreground got on with their noisy business.

A Song Thrush uttered a few sporadic phrases in the Flower Walk.

A Blackbird waited on a twig for me to give him some sultanas.

A Wood Pigeon ate an apple that someone had put out for the Rose-Ringed Parakeets.

A female parakeet investigated a possible nest hole in a plane tree.

The pump for the waterfall in the Dell is still broken, and the Wren I saw yesterday was still foraging in the exposed mud. It was finding plenty of small white creatures that may be some kind of insect larvae.

There was a lot of coming and going from the Grey Herons on the island, with some occupying nests ...

... and others fishing on the shore.

A Cormorant caught a perch and a beakful of dead leaves, which had to be removed before it could swallow the fish.

The ornate stonework of the Italian Garden makes a fine adventure playground for young Moorhens.

A young Great Crested Grebe on the Long Water has almost lost its juvenile stripes.

Some Shovellers have returned to the Long Water. They were over the far side when I was there, but earlier David Element got a fine picture of a drake stretching.

A female Gadwall displayed her quietly beautiful feather patterns.

One of the Bar-Headed x Greylag Goose hybrids is on the Round Pond, and this one is on the Serpentine. I don't think they know where the other is, as they fly in at random from St James's Park when they feel like a change of scene.


  1. Hybridation is such weird business. That goose looks like a Bar-Headed from the neck up, and a Greylag from the neck down.

    Comparison with the small coin really brings into relief how small Wrens are. Plucky little bird.

    There is something very funny in the thought of Moorhens using fine old stonework for their own amusement.

    1. The goose is quite Bar-Headed in body size and markings, smaller than a Greylag and with more colour contrast. The main difference between it and a pure Bar-Head is that its head markings are a bit blurred.

      The coin, an English penny, is 19mm in circumference. I put that on the YT channel but didn't mention it here as most readers are English.