Friday, 31 January 2020

A pair of Goldcrests flitted about in a tree near the bridge.

Here's a brief video of them together.

There were also several Long-Tailed Tits here.

The Redwings on the Parade Ground were staying at a distance, but I got a shot of one of them eating a worm.

A Great Spotted Woodpecker was drumming in a tree. It flew away.

Rose-Ringed Parakeets were canoodling in one of the small plane trees near the boathouses. This must be the same pair as I videoed four days ago.

Four Carrion Crows shared a veggie burger stolen from the Dell restaurant.

The Grey Heron sitting in the nest on the south side of the island was still shifting around restlessly.

Another heron stood on the weeping beech tree in the Dell.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull's mate hasn't been seen here for a while, but now she has arrived to join him.

A Black-Headed Gull enjoyed a shower in the marble fountain in the Italian Garden.

A squirrel had taken an apple that was put out for the parakeets and was eating it in a tree.

Spring crocuses are coming out ...

... and so are the first daffodils.


  1. I managed to see the Redwings today which, as you said, were behind the bandstand.
    They were perfectly camouflaged against the barren background. The leaves blowing around in the breeze made it even more difficult to find them.
    I thought I heard a woodpecker drumming, but couldn’t track it down to its tree

    1. Well done. We found the woodpecker by pure chance.

  2. Signs of hope today, heralded by the cheerfulness of the crocuses and the first daffodils. Spring is coming...

    Could the little flitting feathery balls be any lovelier?

    1. Spring seems to be coming early this year. A plane tree in my street, confused by the mild weather, is already putting out leaves.