Tuesday 30 April 2019

The Great Crested Grebe chick on the island looked out from the shelter of its parent's wing.

The Coots whose large nest at the Dell restaurant was destroyed by the recent high winds have rebuilt it in three days, and were mating on it to replace their lost eggs.

The Coots' nest at the bridge has been made comfortable with fresh leaves, and decorated with a red plastic bag.

A pair of Moorhens sat companionably together on the edge of the Serpentine.

A Mandarin drake picked small things off the surface of the water, probably the chironomid midges that are swarming all around the lake at the moment.

A Greylag Goose was biting a stick, something I've seen before and wondered why. I think there were snails on the stick which it was trying to get off.

The male Mute Swan at the Lido restaurant picked reeds and passed them to his mate, who arranged them on the nest.

The female swan on the Long Water got off her nest, revealing an egg. From the shore it looked as if it was cracked, but the photograph shows that there's just a bit of grass in front of it.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull was enjoying lunch at the Dell restaurant.

Three Reed Warblers were singing in the reed bed near the Diana fountain.

The Little Owl near the Albert Memorial was visible but partly hidden by leaves.

While we were running around trying to find the angle for the clearest shot, a Buzzard passed over at a great height ...

... and a pair of Great Tits on an oak twig ate seeds I gave them.

A Long-Tailed Tit collected insects to feed its young.

A Blackcap sang beside the Long Water.

A Grey Wagtail perched on the posts at the bridge.


  1. Hi Ralph,

    today I noticed there is a heron on the lake whose beak is broken off. Basically the upper half is only 1/2 of the length it should be. Can he survive? I fed him a bit but it was a struggle with the other herons being stronger. It takes him longer to pick anything up off thr ground.

    1. Yes, I saw it too yesterday when Mr Squeaky was feeding them with sardines. This is not something that can be mended, so the poor bird will just have to do what it can. I don't think it will last long.

    2. Can it be caught and handed to a rehabber? Beaks can be mended by fitting the bird with a 3-D printed prosthesis. It has been used with toucans,flamingoes and eagles. Would the RSPB get involved?

  2. Yes please. Could Hugh get in touch with RSPB. Letting him starve to death right in front of you is upsetting:/ He actually ate the meat I brought but he is slow compared to other herons who stole it off him many times.

    1. I think you have Hugh's telephone number. He will need to work with you because you can get close to the heron to catch it. If you don't have his number, email me.