Friday 12 April 2019

A Blackcap sang in a tree beside the Long Water.

A Reed Warbler sang from deep inside a bush beside the Serpentine, impossible to see from any angle. It has been here for three days, in sight of a fair-sized reed bed on the other side of the lake which you would have thought it would prefer.

A hastily snatched and brief video of a Wren singing in the Rose Garden.

A Blue Tit probed leaf buds, looking for insects.

A Long-Tailed Tit paused for a moment on a twig in the Dell.

This Blackbird at the foot of Buck Hill has just discovered that I will give it sultanas if it appears.

It's necessary to have a picture of a Robin from time to time.

One of the three Jays that hang around the bridge has pink eyes rather than the usual blue-grey.

The female Little Owl near the Albert Memorial was outside what I am fairly sure is her new nest hole. It's on the other side of the branch, and can't be seen from the ground -- you just see the owl disappearing.

One of the young Grey Herons was looking for food on the shore of the island.

Another was on a basket. It didn't know what to make of a Coot.

Farther along the line of baskets, a nesting Great Crested Grebe scolded a Mute Swan that wanted to go past. The swan went past anyway.

While I was filming the Great Crested Grebes' fight yesterday, Tom was taking stills, and got this excellent shot of the two locked beak to beak trying to tip each other over.

A Coot brought its mate a twig in the nest under the bridge.

Swans' big messy nests are full of bugs, and a good hunting ground for Moorhens.

Blue, white and mauve bluebells beside the Serpentine.


  1. The Coot seems ready to fly at the Heron if provoked. Not backing down, nosiree.

    The Blue Tit shows excellent form in its pullups. A very athletic bird.

    The Blackbird looks as if it asking, why didn't anyone tell me before?!

    Why does the Jay have a pink eye? Is it a disease?

    1. It's easy to do pull-ups if you only weigh 11 grams.

      The Jay seems perfectly healthy. I think it's a lack of pigment in its irises, letting the basic pink show through.