Friday 12 April 2019

A supplement to today's early post: Tom saw a White Stork flying over Rainham Marshes, and got a distant but unmistakable shot. A most unusual sighting in the London area.


  1. Yay! A stork on the wing is always the loveliest sight.

    1. I saw one myself in London many years ago, high over the Thames. A once-in-a-lifetime sighting here.

  2. Great surprise for him. Remember leading a trip at Dungeness some years back when one flew over the visitor centre there- excitement for all. Seen a couple more in England but never in the London area.

  3. I saw a huge black and white bird at King George V reservoir in North Chingford one April morning in 2019. I think it may have been a White Stork, perhaps even the same bird. It was rather distant with slow flapping wingbeats and even though it was on the far side of the south basin I remember thinking how big it was.