Wednesday 11 March 2015

The Maned Goose has moved to the Serpentine, where he was swimming briskly along the edge towards someone throwing bread.

The pair of pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gulls have been away from their usual place near the Dell restaurant for a few days, but today they were back. The male, on the left with the bright yellow feet, was sharing his latest kill with his mate.

Offshore, the Mute Swans were aware of the coming of spring, displaying and chasing off rivals.

The Scaup was in his usual place, dozing as usual, but woke up and came to the landing stage for a close-up shot when I threw a few pieces of biscuit into the water.

A Goldcrest was singing in a yew tree at the northwest corner of the leaf yard, next to the Chinese privet tree.

Being profoundly ignorant about trees, I was surprised to see that the yew had modest flowers on it.

In the Sunken Garden, a Pied Wagtail had caught an early housefly.

(It is now a late housefly, of course.)

The female Little Owl had come out on to the branch above the pair's nest hole in the chestnut tree. As soon as she caught my eye she rushed back into the hole, and I didn't get a picture. But the male was in the next chestnut up the hill, and stared at me with mild interest.

The male Tawny Owl had moved to the beech tree next to his nest tree.

This might have been because the owlets were pestering him. When the owlets come out, their parents prefer to spend the day in the adjacent tree so that they can get a bit or rest.


  1. 'Late housefly' Very funny! Oooh you are a wag (tail).