Tuesday 17 March 2015

A Green Woodpecker appeared in a tree just across the road from the Serpentine Gallery.

The Green Woodpeckers driven off the Archery Field by the marquee have returned.

The mossy wall around the Kensington Palace outbuildings had attracted a Wren, which was poking busily for insects.

There was a female Chaffinch on a branch beside the Rima relief, looking almost featureless from the front.

Although they are much plainer than males, they have similar wing markings, which are out of sight here.

The Blue Tit making a nest in the lamp post behind the Lido had brought some moss to make a comfortable lining.

This is an excellent place for a nest: sheltered and heavily armoured.

Two Jackdaws arrived when I was walking past the Diana fountain and perched on the fence, expecting to be fed. A man came up and poked his mobile into their faces to take a close-up picture, and they didn't flinch. They have really got used to park life since their arrival last year. I rewarded them with two peanuts each, which they shelled expertly in seconds -- another thing they have learnt.

The Scaup was on the north shore of the Serpentine, having a wash.

I couldn't find the Goldeneye despite going round the lake twice. She may well have been there, but she is easy to miss because she spends most of her time submerged.

Both Little Owls were in their nest tree. The female rushed in when we approached, but then the male looked out of his hole and allowed himself to be photographed.

The male Tawny Owl was in the beech tree next to his nest tree, awake and taking interest in several people with cameras and binoculars. He is used to celebrity.

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