Thursday 30 October 2014

Today it was the turn of the female Little Owl to come out on to their nest tree. Her white eyebrows are shorter than those of her mate, and don't reach to the outer corners of her eyes.

Later a flock of Ring-Necked Parakeets descended on the top branches and drove her into shelter in the hollow tree.

The male Tawny Owl came out of his nest hole just as I approached the tree, and allowed me to take a picture of him.

The yew tree near Peter Pan was quieter than of late, with just one Blackbird eating the berries.

On the nearby bench, Kevin the young Carrion Crow was waiting to be fed. He has become quite bumptious, and bit Paul Turner's finger when he didn't get the peanut he was demanding.

Two Moorhens were industriously pulling small grubs out of the plastic mat on the jetty of the Lido bathing area.

On the shore someone was feeding geese, and some Black-Headed Gulls were waiting for their chance to grab some food -- literally hanging around, because these agile birds can hover even in still air.

The two young Great Crested Grebes at the north end of the Long Water have been fishing together for some time. They can catch more in this way by driving the fish towards each other. Here they approach the well stocked area near the Italian Garden in the evening light.

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