Friday, 3 October 2014

A Goldcrest was hopping around in the yew tree near the southwest corner of the leaf yard, and briefly came into sight. They are not at all frightened of people, but prefer to stay inside evergreen trees because of other predators.

There was also a Blue Tit walking nonchalantly along the underside of a branch.

The Moorhen chicks from the family that bred very late in the land drain near the bridge are growing up fast. The pair nest every year in the drain, taking a chance on there not being heavy rain that will fill the drain and wash them out. Usually they get away with it.

A Black-Headed Gull was poised on one leg on the old cast-iron water level indicator in the Serpentine, apparently not moving a muscle although there was a bit of a wind. How do birds manage to do this? They can even sleep standing on one leg.

The father of two of the Great Crested Grebe chicks on the Long Water was up near the Italian Garden, hauling up fair-sized perch one after the other. These vanished instantly into the chicks.

People throw down an amazing variety of food for the birds. These Feral Pigeons are eating chopped cauliflower stems, which will be better for them than Cheezy Wotsits.

The male Little Owl was enjoying the warm sunshine on the top of the nest tree.

I had to leave the park before the Tawny Owl came out, but was told that he was in his usual place in the horse chestnut around 4 pm.


  1. I am not commenting on any of the above photos for this day but further back mention was made of the lack of house sparrows in London (which we all know about) but I visited last Monday 29 Sep with a friend the Tower of London to view the poppies and all around the Tower of London, mainly the area adjacent to the Thames had house sparrows coming and going and even landing beside us while we had a snack. The starlings outnumbered them and were more fearless but it was lovely to see and hear them.

    1. I don't think the Sparrows ever left Tower Hill. I photographed some in 2006. If you go west from here, through the sparrow-less centre, I think the first ones you find are in St Mary's Cemetery, on the west side Kensal Green Cemetery.