Tuesday 21 October 2014

It was a windy day, and the young Egyptian Geese at the Round Pond had huddled up to their mother to keep warm.

The Little Grebe was bouncing up and down on the choppy waves on the pond.

A pair of Shovellers had come across the lake to Peter Pan and were circling together.

A Pied Wagtail was looking for insects in the lichen on the roof of one of the small boathouses, taking care to stay on the downwind side.

The two Jackdaws were still on the north shore of the Serpentine. One of them was trotting around in the sand of the horse path in the hope of finding something edible, though it soon abandoned it and went back to the grass.

The yew tree between Peter Pan and the Italian Garden was full of Ring-Necked Parakeets eating berries, leaping about with such vigour that it frightened away the Blackbirds.

They had to hold on to the soft yew branches with both feet, so that they couldn't use one foot to hold the berry. As a result, they dropped a lot of them.

The Little Owl was not to be seen and was probably sheltering from the wind in the nest tree. His usual branch was whipping about and would have been a most uncomfortable perch.

But the male Tawny Owl had found a good spot against the trunk of the beech tree and was looking quite comfortable while the leaves thrashed around him.

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