Saturday 11 October 2014

The brood of eight Egyptians on the Round Pond is still intact, and their parents had sensibly taken them away from the Saturday crowds to the fenced-off area at the edge of the pond where the path is being resurfaced.

The Little Grebe is still there, fishing around the wooden platform. I am not sure whether I can see traces of juvenile markings on its head, but this picture gives quite a clear image of the side of its face where they would be.

A party of Mute Swans was taking off, not going anywhere in the end but just indulging in high spirits.

On the Long Water, a Great Crested Grebe had caught a fish along with a tangle of weed which had to be shaken off before the bird could give it to a chick.

The teenage Moorhen at Peter Pan was amusing itself by climbing nimbly around chains and fallen branches.

The male Tawny Owl came out on top of the nest tree to oblige numerous weekend visitors. He doesn't mind people or cameras or binoculars; he has seen it all before. There is sometimes a full-scale game of football with cheering spectators a few yards from his tree, which he sleeps through peacefully.

The male Little Owl was also out on his nest tree, mildly interested in the crowd of spectators below him.

Two Grey Wagtails flew overhead at the Lido, but wouldn't stop for a picture.

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