Thursday 12 April 2012

The Tawny Owl family was still in the nest tree, but they are getting very hard to see through the leaves. Their father was in one of the four horse chestnuts nearer the path, today the third one from the north.

The male Little Owl was in the same sweet chestnut tree as yesterday.

At the Leaf Yard, a pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers were calling in a lime tree in front of Mrs N.D. Griffin-Wilson's bench. They have been seen working on a nest hole in a tree inside the yard, a few yards north and set back from the fence so it is quite hard to observe.

Also here, a Great Tit with a five-note song, *SDSU. It's easy to suppose that Great Tits just sing 'Teacher, teacher', but actually their songs are quite varied and individual.

I have been told that a pair of Green Woodpeckers is nesting in an old broken tree on the Circle Path that skirts the east side of the Round Pond. I have heard yaffling and drumming in this area over the past few days, and have seen isolated birds nearby. I went there, but they were silent and I couldn't find them.

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