Monday 16 April 2012

The male Little Owl is hiding from people, though when he first appeared he was not bothered by them. Sadly, I have found out why. Someone told me that a few days ago he saw some children throwing stones at the poor bird as he sat in the low sweet chestnut tree. Well, he has learnt to fear humans, and he is quite right to do so.

All the Tawny Owls were in the nest tree. The owlets were jumping around restlessly, and their father had retired to the far side of a thick branch to avoid being bothered by them. Some Crows were trying to harass the family, without success as the leaves are already thick and give excellent shelter.

I passed by the Diana Memorial Playground, where there is a thing like a xylophone on the ground, where children can play chimes by jumping on the bars. There was a Blackbird in a tree nearby, singing exactly in tune with the chimes.

After which I went round the Long Water to look for Little Grebes, of which there are four at present, but they are hard to see hiding in the reeds and bushes. Just as I was giving up to go home, a pair started calling loudly on the west side of the Vista, and emerged from the bushes. A glimpse of these charming little birds really makes the day.

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