Tuesday 24 April 2012

The adult Tawny Owls were still visible in one of their usual row of four horse chestnut trees, and no doubt the owlets were in there too, but the foliage is now so thick that they were quite invisible. As the owl viewing season ends, here is a fine farewell picture kindly sent to me by professional photographer Tim Plowden.

I met someone in Hyde Park who said that he had seen a Little Owl in the shrubbery around the Lookout a few days ago. This would accord with last year's sighting of a Little Owl on an oak tree near the Bluebird Boats cabin, which is only a short distance away.

There was a Great Crested Grebe at the top end of the Long Water zigzagging around puposefully and picking up small objects just below the surface. I watched it carefully through binoculars and could not see what these things were, but would guess that they were dragonfly larvae.

A Grey Herons' nest on the Serpentine island was full of activity, with both parents bringing in food for their two large young. One of these stood up and flapped huge, well developed wings. It should be ready to fly out soon.

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