Saturday 14 April 2012

The Green Woodpecker's nest in the plane tree had one of the birds sunning itself outside. You can see how neatly the hole is made.

The Tawny Owl family were still in their usual place on the nest tree, with their father on one of the trees in front. The owlets had obligingly perched in a visible place. They are already beginning to turn brown.

The male Little Owl now definitely has an aversion to being stared at. As soon as he saw me coming, he flew down from his branch and nipped into a hole in the tree. He has done this to other people too. A pity, because it is enjoyable having that yellow stare directed at you, but one can hardly blame him for wanting a bit of peace.

There are three Grey Herons' nests on the Serpentine Island now. I went by, but there was no visible activity.

There was a Yellow-Legged Gull on the Long Water, on one of the posts near the Peter Pan statue. They are fairly frequent visitors. It was too far away for a good picture.

And I gave a pine nut to a Robin, who took it to his mate, a charming sight. Being a practical bird, he promptly came back for another one and ate it himself.

Elizabeth has sent me a fine photo essay on the Egyptian Goose's lack of parenting skills. Click here to see it. However, the two broods of three on the Serpentine have managed to survive. The younger ones were completely alone when I went past, not a parent in sight.

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