Wednesday 3 July 2024

Fidgety owlet

The young Little Owl at the Round Pond was in a restless mood, fidgeting on a horse chestnut branch.

Its mother perched on the end of the hollow branch of the dead tree.

A Pied Wagtail sprinted across the mown grass by the pond, high stepping like an American trotting horse.

There was a Grey Wagtail on the edge of the Serpentine at the Lido restaurant. This is the mother of the young one we've seen here.

A Greenfinch perched on the top of a hawthorn tree near Peter Pan. They like the highest available viewpoint.

Long-Tailed Tits worked through the bushes in the Rose Garden.

A Coal Tit came out of the corkscrew hazel in the Flower Walk.

Feral Pigeons courted on a rubbish bin.

Ahmet Amerikali sent two pictures from Russia Dock Woodlands: a Robin carrying a spider to its young ...

... and a female House Sparrow on a reed.

The Grey Heron chicks on the island were bobbing around in their nest.

The young one from the previous brood was fishing at the Triangle.

Two pairs of Great Crested Grebes on the Serpentine staked rival claims to territory, and there was a brief chase.

The new chick could be distantly seen on the far side of the Long Water ...

... and the older one hurried towards a parent at Peter Pan.

The Mute cygnets rested on the gravel with their mother.

The Black Swan was by the Dell restaurant.

A Meadow Brown butterfly properly in a meadow. There are plenty of them in the long grass near the Queen's Temple but they seldom settle, and when they do they are usually hidden by the grass.


  1. Seeing Ahmet's picture of the female House Sparrow, any news of the young sparrow you photographed some days ago?

    1. I'd have to go to Covent Garden to check. Hoping that the House Sparrows will become a permanent colony. That building has lots of ventilators for them to nest in, and there are many cafés and food stalls within easy reach to provide crumbs and insects.

  2. Good footage of the little owlet. And nice image of the feral pigeons