Sunday 22 January 2023

The Little Owl is back

A beautiful sunny morning ...

...  brought out the male Little Owl near the Speke obelisk. What a joy to see this lovely creature again.

The Great Tits who besiege me here have been joined by a couple of Blue Tits.

A Green Woodpecker flew into a tree on Buck Hill ...

... and then down on to the ground to look for insects and worms.

A Wren hopped around on the path in the Flower Walk, I think picking up grit rather than looking for anything edible here.

Shortly before the Wasteland closed down, Duncan Campbell filmed a Carrion Crow trying to dismantle a light fitting. it was lucky for the crow that it failed and avoided a nasty shock.

A Black-Headed Gull on the frozen Long Water couldn't see anything to eat, so it passed the time by preening.

The Little Grebe in the Italian Garden was with its friends the Gadwalls as usual.

The Mute Swans that intruded on to the Long Water have literally been frozen out by an unexpectedly frosty night which extended the ice sheet, leaving nothing but Black-Headed Gulls and a few Mallards on the gravel bank ...

... so the dominant pair in the Italian Garden don't have to go to the trouble of chasing them away.

Virginia Grey sent a lovely picture of the Black Swan on the Round Pond flapping his wings with their peculiar white flight feathers -- exactly the other way round from normal bird colouring, but then he is Australian.

A pair of Egyptian Geese made a racket on the sawn-off poplar tree at Peter Pan.

A Pochard rested on the collapsed willow near the bridge. A view from above through the twigs, which are already turning green and putting out leaf buds in anticipation of spring.


  1. They do that out of the evil of their black intelligent hearts, I'm sure. Crows surely find it funny to cut power, and if its croaks are anything to go by it is having a grand old time.
    A very warm welcome back to the Little Owl!

    1. Crows love to pull anything apart, electrical or not, out of sheer curiosity.

  2. Nice to see your Little Owl back. Last Thursday I saw one of my local individuals basking in the sun against an oak. Just back from a 3 day break in Norfolk & surrounding areas which turned into an owl festival with 3 Barn Owls, 2 Tawny & 2 (there were 3 but couldn't find the last one!) Long-eared Owls.

    1. Gosh. Not sure if it is possible to have too many owls, though the scene in the first Harry Potter film comes to mind.

  3. James Alexander Murray27 January 2023 at 09:10

    Is the little owl still about ralph