Saturday 31 December 2022

Soggy crow

Early rain died out, but not soon enough to avoid making a Carrion Crow very soggy. Its head and neck are much wetter than the rest of it, I suppose because the feathers here can only be preened with a foot and don't get oil spread over them efficiently.

The male Peregrine on the barracks was also looking sadly damp.

Lots of small birds were waiting to be fed in the Flower Walk. This Coal Tit ...

... and Blue Tit are regular customers ...

... but I now get a pair of Chaffinches who follow me part of the way to the Round Pond, catching thrown pine nuts in midair.

At the Round Pond a Pied Wagtail investigated the pools left by small waves breaking over the edge.

A Grey Wagtail dashed around on the edge of the Serpentine and over the weir where the water flows out.

A flock of Long-Tailed Tits flew down the edge of the Long Water.

A Dunnock allowed itself to be photographed in the Rose Garden. Usually they flee as soon as you look at them.

There were still some Redwings near the allotment.

The male Great Spotted Woodpecker near the Speke obelisk was on view.

This Jay behind the Albert Memorial usually intercepts me when I'm on my way home.

The Czech Black-Headed Gull ET05.589 was on the post where I saw him earlier and seems to have taken firm possession of it, shouting defiance at the other gulls on the ground.

The Little Grebe was still busily diving in the Italian Garden fountain.

A row of Coots preened in the drizzle. A bit of moisture makes preening easier.


  1. That's your skittish Redwing photo from the previous December, nice to see it again though and happy new year. Jim

    1. Yes, they were at the back of the park offices where the old bastion has been excavated and I couldn't get an adequate picture. Happy New Year to you too.

  2. Happy New Year Ralph- & look forward to another year's photo diary of the wildlife in the park.

    1. Wishing you a happy and successful New Year.

  3. Lord and Lady Chaffinch seem to regard you as their personal pinebut-bearing valet. I wonder if there is a royal title equivalent to "purveyor of pinenuts to the royal couple".

    1. I hope they get the idea of coming to my hand, which would save a lot of juggling. It's hard to throw pine nuts in the rain because they stick to your fingers. But perhaps they enjoy showing off their flying skills, as Jays certainly do.