Thursday 1 December 2022


A smart Blue Tit in the yellow leaves of a ginkgo in the Flower Walk ...

... contrasted with the wild disorder of the Blue Tit with the 'frizzle' gene.

The delicate colour of a female Chaffinch was completely eclipsed by the bright yellow leaves.

A Great Tit's bright front could stand up the golden background of an oak ...

... where there was also a Jay on a higher branch.

Another Jay looked down from a copper beech by the bridge.

The bright green of Rose-Ringed Parakeets makes them most conspicuous in winter.

Robins are surprisingly well camouflaged, their dark red fronts blending easily into the brown of bushes and leaf litter.

The Blackbirds in the sloe bush at the Lido have eaten most of the fruit.

There aren't many Common Gulls this year, even in their favourite place which is the lawn between the Round Pond and Kensington Palace. There was just one at the Lido.

A pair of Black-Headed Gulls displayed to exclude a third, which took the hint and left before it was attacked.

The Black-Headed Gull with ring EZ73323 was stubbornly sticking to his regular post beside the Serpentine, leaving only when he saw some food on the ground.  The Winter Wasteland raged in the background. When you can recognise a gull individually, you see how conservative they are about their territory.

So are the Cormorants at the island, which always perch in the same tree.

A Cormorant on the Long Water played with a feather.

A young Grey Heron waded around the reed bed by the Diana fountain.

The Black Swan was still on the Round Pond. He stood tall, showing the improbable length of his neck. I think they can reach farther than Mute Swans despite being smaller in the body.


  1. Like your theme. "Raging" is a good word for Winter Wonderland

    1. Thanks. But to tell the truth, when there's a 'theme' it's a sign that I haven't got pictures interesting enough to stand by themselves.