Friday 16 December 2022

Little Owls enjoying the sunshine

Two Little Owls had come out to enjoy the sunshine. The teenager at the Round Pond was in a horse chestnut tree, still with some green leaves because they grew again after the drought.

The male of the pair at the Speke obelisk was in his nest tree.

A Robin came out on a bench by the Henry Moore sculpture to take some pine nuts off the ground.

This male Chaffinch in the Flower Walk is an expert at catching thrown pine nuts in the air.

A bold stare from one of the Coal Tits that will come to my hand.

I haven't had any luck with Long-Tailed Tits recently, but Ahmet Amerikali got a good shot of one near the bridge.

A backward glance from the Pied Wagtail on the edge of the Serpentine.

Several Jays followed me down the edge of the Long Water demanding peanuts.

A Carrion Crow stared from the top of the Dell waterfall.

A Lesser Black-Backed Gull on the frozen Long Water enjoyed pushing a bit of ice to make it slide.

There is still one Cormorant under the marble fountain of the Italian Garden. It must be catching something, as there's enough open water here for it to take off.

The Little Grebe was still in the Italian Garden.

It stayed close to a pair of Gadwalls while diving, to protect itself from being harassed by Black-Headed Gulls trying to grab whatever it caught.

Both the unfaithful male swan and his new mate are now harassing the poor rejected female, who can't escape because the lake is frozen. Jorgen tried to head off the aggressive female, but she would again as soon as he left.

The Egyptian Geese at the Henry Moore sculpture were grazing in a snow-free patch.

The ice on the Serpentine is now thick enough to bear Canada Geese ...

... but not swans. Many were on the edge next to a bit of open water near the bridge, accompanied by a mob of Coots.


  1. Jorgen is a brave man. She appears ready to peck him out of her way, and she looks like a savage thing, too.

    That is tactical thinking on the part of the Little Grebe, right?

    1. Oh, it's not dangerous to head off a swan. Maybe a large male would have a peck at you, but if you're wearing winter clothes that's nothing.

      Yes, I was surprised by the Little Grebe. But you don't usually see them close up and get a chance to observe their behaviour.