Wednesday 9 February 2022

Pike in the sunlight

There were no Redwings on the Parade Ground, as a tractor was ploughing near their usual place. Pied Wagtails are used to the park and less nervous, and there was one running around. You can hear the tractor in the background.

A Long-Tailed Tit arrived at its nest site in the Rose Garden holding a tuft of moss to add to the nest.

Most haven't started nesting yet, and the winter flocks are still flying around.

A mass of climbing roses around a dead tree in the Rose Garden often has a Robin singing in it.

A Song Thrush sang near the bridge.

A Carrion Crow rooted around in a patch of snowdrops and winter aconites.

A bright morning brought out a Wood Pigeon to sunbathe.

Feral Pigeons are feeling the approach of spring.

A Grey Heron gathered twigs and flew off to its nest on the island.

I haven't heard anything from the nest with a chick for several days, but that's not necessarily bad news as they only beg when a parent is newly arrived at the nest.

Another heron surveyed the scene from the top of a broken chestnut near the Serpentine Gallery.

A teenage Great Crested Grebe fluffed up its feathers.

A pair of Greylag Geese washed and flapped.

A pike lurking under the parapet of the Italian Garden was prettily dappled by the rippling water.


  1. Wagtails are remarkably careless of humans, which is weird because they usually run around quite closely to us.
    Hoping to see pictures of Long Tailed Tits' nests this season!

    1. Wagtails, especially Pied Wagtails, are very confident of their ability to take off quickly and streak out of harm's way. I've seen them, in the street catching insects under moving cars.

  2. An aesthetically pleasing shot of the Crow ambling amongst the early spring blooms.

    Enjoyed the Feral Pigeon shots to showing behaviour.

    1. I had to bribe the crow with a peanut to get it to stroll into the right background.

      Pigeons are unstoppable. I wonder where the park pigeons breed. Few abandoned buildings locally. One nest site in a boathouse was blocked off with wire mesh.