Thursday 10 February 2022

Song Thrush singing all day

A Song Thrush sang all day beside the Long Water. Here it is in full song in the morning.

By mid-afternoon it had quietened down a bit.

The lower end of the Parade Ground was quiet today, and the Redwings came back to look for worms in the newly ploughed and harrowed ground.

A female Blackbird flipped her tail jauntily at the foot of Buck Hill.

A Robin sang in a rose bush in the Rose Garden.

A Dunnock poked around under the tables on the Lido restaurant terrace, looking for insects attracted by spilt food.

A close-up view shows that it found a small larva.

A pair of Great Tits chased each other about in the yew tree at the corner of the Dell.

This Coal Tit on the east side of the Albert Memorial will come to my hand to be fed.

A flight of long-Tailed Tits went through the same tree.

A Feral Pigeon bathed in a puddle left by last night's rain.

The fierce Black-Headed Gull on the landing stage confronted a rival ...

... and chased it off.

The Czech Black-Headed Gull ET05.589 was back on the edge of the Serpentine.

A pair of Lesser Black-Backed Gulls stood on the raft in the Long Water.

The Great Crested Grebes on the Long Water are holding on to the stolen Coot nest.

Coots were fighting as usual.

A Moorhen washed in the waves at the east end of the Serpentine.


  1. Re. Pied Wagtails: I'd seen them before in the area in the street, but today, finding myself in that (pretty horrendous) big shopping centre at the Olympic Village, I saw one inside there, running among the tables in the food area. Apart from me, nobody seemed to notice it. And the bird was quite oblivious to people. What a diet it must have.

    1. I think the Pied Wagtail was going mainly after insects attracted by people spilling snacks in the mall. They will eat seeds too. I managed to feed the very tame one in Queensway with little bits of cheese.

  2. There is now a riot of Blackbirds singing here. They are challenging each other from almost every other tree. On the other hand, Robins have made themselves scarce, so the clip of the singing Robin is most welcome.

    I wonder how the Dunnock was able to spot such a little thing!

    1. Blackbirds haven't started singing here. They're always the last of the thrushes to get going.

      All the small insectivorous birds seem to have very sharp eyesight, as indeed is neeeded.

  3. i continue to enjoy daily your adventures in the park. thanks. i dont know if anyone else has reported but i now only see for each individual daily blog 'no title' instead of the day and a brief extract. have i missed something? regards Mark W2.

    1. It's another unwanted change made by Blogger, which keeps messing things up. They expect blog posts to have titles, which is silly for a daily diary, and anyway I should soon run out of titles. Putting the date as the title is pointless because this already appears at the head of the entry. Undecided about what to do.