Saturday 5 February 2022

Crows 1, Heron 0

Carrion Crows and Grey Herons hate each other, and crows seldom miss a chance to buzz and annoy their enemy.

After ousting the heron, the crows perched on the branch where it had been, looking pleased with themselves.

A heron parent was on the active nest. Maybe you can see a glimpse of the grey feathers of the chick below it and to the left, or maybe not.

Their success has encouraged the pair on the largest nest to follow their example.

A pair of Robins on a bramble were cautiously getting closer together. It takes quite a while for them to overcome their winter hostility.

A Redwing on the Parade Ground hauled at a worm ...

... and up it came.

A pair of Rose-Ringed Parakeets conferred at a hole in a plane tree.

The female Peregrine was on the barracks tower. Earlier Tom had seen them both, one of them right on top of the building.

Herring Gulls squabbled over something edible in the water.

The Polish Black-Headed Gull T4UN is getting a black head ready to return to Mazowieckie where it spends the summer. This is the eighth year I've seen it here.

This is one of the Great Crested Grebe teenagers hatched last year, preening at the east end of the Serpentine. Its colours now look just like those of an adult still in winter plumage, but it still has brown eyes rather than the red of an adult.

A Greylag Goose was visibly annoyed by the plastic ring some insolent human had clapped on its leg.

A Canada Goose washed enthusiastically.

Two Shoveller drakes had a synchronised shovelling session.


  1. I can't see the chick, but I would be surprised if I could.

    Why do Crows hate Herons so? I imagine Herons would hate chick-taking Crows more than hte other way around.

    Glad to see the young Grebe, the object of our collective care when it was a tiny stripey thing, looking so fine.

    1. There does seem to be a faint patch of diagonal grey stripes showing through the twigs, but that's all.

      As for herons and crows, it's more ancient and pointless than the Trojan war.