Wednesday 15 December 2021

Buck Hill was a busy place, with the resident Mistle Thrush ...

... and a Jay uneasily sharing the rowan tree ,,,

... while several Redwings waited in the next tree for a chance to swoop in and grab some fruit.

A short way along the path the Little Owl was sheltering in the dead leaves of the old squirrel drey, a comfortable spot for her but not great for pictures.

Near the leaf yard, in the place where the other Little Owls were in the summer, Tom got a picture of a Song Thrush bathing in a puddle.

This may be the same bird that sings from a nearby treetop. It was there again today.

There were also a few Goldfinches ...

... and Long-Tailed Tits.

Usually when you see a Blue Tit among flowers you think it's looking for insects, but this one in the Dell seemed to be actually pecking at the flowers. Not sure what it was eating.

The bold Coal Tit was waiting to be fed in the Flower Walk.

A Wood Pigeon in the Rose Garden tried to keep its balance on the thin stems of a climbing rose while reaching the fruit at the end of the twigs.

A Carrion Crow picked at a cheeseburger wrapper to get the last smear of delicious grease.

A Pied Wagtail looked for insects in the lichen on the roof of one of the small boathouses.

Stones encrusted with algae are a favourite toy for young Herring Gulls, which dredge them up from the bottom of the lake. But apart from playing with the stone, the gull often pecks at the algae as if it was tasty. I don't know whether it was actually eating it or just playing.

A Mute Swan splashed down on the Serpentine.

People at the funfair pay quite a lot to have this done to them.


  1. I always wonder how it is that they don't get a heart attack. Your mind may know you aren't actually going to hit the ground, but your heart sure doesn't!

    Maybe the Blue Tit was short on a vitamin or mineral, and that was its way of getting its vegetables?

    1. Probably people will die soon now that most of the population has been poisoned by the 'vaccine'. In recent months more than 100 footballers and athletes have collapsed with heart trouble during public sporting events.

      Turning more happily to Blue Tits, who are free of government, lawyers or police, Neil suggested to me that these adaptable birds have found a new food source in these nectar-rich flowers, just as they learned to extract the cream from milk bottles left on doorsteps.