Wednesday 22 December 2021

A freezing cold sunrise over the Serpentine photographed by David Lacey at 7.15 am as he went for a swim. I admire his fortitude but don't wish to join him.

The male Little Owl on Buck Hill was calling again, but all you could see was a pair of serious yellow eyes looking out of the squirrel drey. Probably his mate was in a nearby hole -- if only I could find it.

Redwings were about to descend on the rowan ...

... and the resident Mistle Thrush rattled crossly from the next tree.

A flock of Long-Tailed Tits worked through the shrubbery below the Triangle car park.

One of the Grey Wagtails was on the edge of the Huntress fountain in the Rose Garden, the first time I've seen one there. This is the bird more usually seen right at the other end of the lake in the Italian Garden.

We've already seen this Wood Pigeon falling out of the elder tree, but here is a longer sequence showing how it reaches down farther and farther till it loses its grip. (On the soundtrack a passing vegan plots an awful Christmas lunch for his long-suffering family.)

The waterfall in the Dell is back in operation. A Wood Pigeon came down to drink in the pool at the top.

A pair of Feral Pigeons found a secluded corner in the little stream below for a bathe and preen. Note the greasy powdery traces they leave in the water.

A pair of Grey Herons in a nest on the island displayed to each other before one flew away.

A heron on the Long Water was getting out of its depth.

A Common Gull stood on a buoy, but a heavier Herring Gull was having a struggle keeping its balance.

The pigeon-eating Lesser Black-Backed Gull's mate was annoyed to find a Carrion Crow eating her lunch.

One of the Great Crested Grebe teenagers stared from under the willow by the bridge ...

... and scratched its ear with a large foot.

The Shovellers have disappeared from the Long Water again, but there is still a pair by the Serpentine island.


  1. Good grief, that bathwater scum is off the pigeons?

    1. Yes. Look at pigeons washing anywhere and you'll see it.

  2. Seen them washing in puddles by my house , and thought the scum was there before them.

  3. Dear God, they areally are filthy! At least they don't pose a threat to sanitation such as large gulls do who bathe and sleep in large droves in some small reservoirs here!

    1. Well, they say you have to eat a peck of dirt before you die. (That's just over 9 litres.)

    2. By that token I'd say, courtesy of our small winter army of BB gulls, every person here must be about to hit the bucket!