Saturday 11 December 2021

After my last video of the Mistle Thrush on Buck Hill doing nothing, here it is being quite active, rattling at a Carrion Crow, preening, singing and eating fruit from the rowan trees.

A Great Spotted Woodpecker looked for insects in the top of a tree near the Italian Garden.

A Blue Tit found a larva in a tree in the Rose Garden.

The usual Coal Tit appeared in the Flower Walk to be fed.

Its more timid mate was there too, which won't yet come to your hand to take pine nuts. As winter begins to bite it will get hungrier and probably bolder.

A shy Robin lurked in a bush.

A Carrion Crow perched on the eroded head of a stone nymph in the Italian Garden. When the garden was restored a few years ago they replaced her broken arm but there was nothing they could do for her face other than replace her entire head, so they left it as it was.

On the pavement below a Grey Heron contemplated the boundary stones where three parishes meet. SGHS is the parish of St George's Hanover Square, which was extended to cover a huge area of western Mayfair and much of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. PP is Paddington Parish. I'm unsure about MBP: this side ought to belong to St Mary Abbots in Kensington but the boundary markers for this are usually StMW or SMW.

The heron at the Dell restaurant found the tables empty, so it looked for fish under the floating leaves at the edge of the lake.

After the recent sighting of a Black-Headed Gull from Czechoslovakia, here's one from Croatia. The ring reporting site says that most of these gulls were ringed at a rubbish dump outside Zagreb.

There were lots of young Herring Gulls, washing ...

... diving ...

... and playing with leaves.

For Mute Swans, dead leaves are food. I wouldn't have thought there was much nutrition in them, but it seems that they like the taste.

A Moorhen looked for food among the floating leaves on the edge of the weir at the Serpentine outflow.

Two pairs of Great Crested Grebes advanced and dived as they disputed the boundaries of their territory on the Serpentine. The display is the thing: it seldom comes to a fight.

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